A Life Update… Life, Love and London

So, despite my best intentions in the summer, I got a job all of a sudden and completely neglected to write on the blog whilst trying to find my way through life.

I’m going to write a small update, just to try and get back into the swing of things… but this will be quite hard because so much has happened in the last 7 months that I don’t really know where to begin!

So, we’ll start at the beginning. I finally got a job in London and I moved down there. From reading my first post, I was obviously pretty nervous about the whole thing, and that carried on when I first started.

To be brutally honest (as I said I was going to be when I started this blog), I had never felt more lost. Although I wanted to try London, the main reason I moved was because my boyfriend lived there and we’d decided we just couldn’t do long distance for another year. I’m glad I did the move, but it was so difficult. I missed my family and my friends, most of my friends were either travelling or having time off doing fun things, and all of a sudden I was working 9-5.30 and trying to adapt to adult life.

I felt pretty lost and lonely for the first few months, and my boyfriend really struggled with that. I think he felt like it was his fault for making me sad, but it caused such a strain on our relationship. On top of all this, we’d actually moved in together, which I think was beyond a shock for both of us. It turns out moving in with someone is not easy. And it is not always fun.

To say we struggled was an understatement. There was numerous other things that were stressing us both out, from the flat to new jobs, to money and cars, to family and friends. It seemed everything that could be stressful all happened at once.

This isn’t to say we didn’t have happy times. We really did. But in December (right before Christmas, solid timing) we broke up. Everything had got too much and neither of us were happy anymore. The sad thing was that we didn’t seem happy being apart either.

I can’t say I was surprised, but it wasn’t my choice. We spoke for the next few weeks and spoke about how we really felt, but at the end of the day, for one reason or another, we won’t be getting back together.

So just when I was starting to feel like London was my home, and I really had fallen in love with it… everything else fell to pieces. I can’t really explain what it feels like to feel as if your entire world has fallen apart. Heartbreak and missing someone are one of the worst feelings in the world on their own, but I also lost my life in London along with it.

I obviously moved out straight away (proper Drama Queen, packing my life up the day it happened) and came home, working in the Manchester office temporarily over the Christmas period. I then went back to London, determined to at least give it a go, but if I thought I was lonely before in London, I now felt like I was well and truly on my own.

I was living in temporary accommodation every week, and whilst my colleagues could not have been any more supportive (they were like a little family), I couldn’t expect to rely on them after-work-hours all the time. So mid-January, after a few weeks in London feeling like I was going to have a breakdown every day, I decided the best thing to do would be to give my notice in and come home permanently.

So, that’s where I’m currently at. I’ve been the lost graduate, moved to London to live and love, had my heart broken and become the very much lost graduate again. Currently sat at home trying to look for new jobs and really decide what I want out of my life again.

It’s hard to admit, but sometimes you forget what you really want in life. It’s not an easy question to answer, but I’m trying to remind myself that I am privileged to even get a choice. Lots of people don’t have the luxury of deciding that they can do whatever they want. 

They say the world’s your oyster, I just need to decide what I want to do with it!



Travelling through life: Venice

When I started the blog, I said there was going to be a mixture of posts… so here is the first travel one!

Being the place I have visited most recently, I thought Venice was probably the place to start.


Now, it was honestly amazing… but at first, I really didn’t take to it. The weather probably didn’t help, because on the first two days it was pretty cloudy and we occasionally got rained on (and when I say rain, I mean it absolutely chucked it down, I may as well have jumped in the canal). It was easy to see that it was a pretty place, and with there being no traffic – all the travel is done via the canals – it was unique too. But for me it was just very busy and cramped, and a lot of the side alleys away from the centre were quite run down…

However, on the third day, my opinion completely changed and I fell in love with Venice. Honestly, I don’t know why I changed my mind so quickly, I think maybe it was partly the weather, and the fact that I realised how beautiful the majority of it was, and I got to see it at night.

There is so much to do and see in Venice. If the man on the gondola was correct, there is still around 120 churches to visit in Venice, and a lot of these are absolutely beautiful. We went to a few of the most famous ones, and they really are something you should go and see. The Basilica San Marco in particular, is a must-see. For an extra 5 euros you can also go onto the roof and look over the square and the grand canal, which is a fabulous view.



If churches aren’t really your thing, there is also the Campanile di San Marco, which translates to the Saint Mark’s Bell Tower. The views you get from up here really are amazing. Unfortunately for us, we went up in the middle of a heavy downpour and it was freezing. But despite this, the views were still something to rave about.

There are so many more things to do in Venice, and just walking along the Grand Canal, the views are breathtaking. Particularly looking out over Venice from some of the larger bridges (Rialto Bridge, Scalzi Bridge) is something you have to do to appreciate it’s beauty.

And you cannot miss the food. The pasta, pizza, gelato, all were amazing. And dare I say it, possibly better than some of the food I had in Rome.

We actually didn’t stay in the centre of Venice, but about half an hours train journey out, in Padua. This itself had places to visit, and its atmosphere was a lot more chilled out… plus they didn’t really seem to have many tourists. This was actually ideal, as Venice was a lot more expensive and busy, and from Padua, it was only a 50 minute train ride to Verona.

Verona is definitely somewhere I would revisit. It was beautiful absolutely everywhere. Also, if you’re a Shakespeare fan, Juliet’s balcony is in Verona, and you can go and visit it. In some ways I’d actually say I preferred Verona to Venice, there was just something about it. Plus, you could go in a Roman Amphitheatre (Arena di Veroni), which is still used for concerts, and the views from that too, are unbelievable.

I would 100% recommend Venice and Verona to anybody, but I’d definitely advise to pre-book things, as they helped us to avoid the queues, which was a massive plus.

If you’re going to Venice, you should be sooo excited, but make sure you plan what you want to do to make sure you can fit it all in! (And if you want any ideas feel free to comment below!). If you aren’t going… make sure you add it to your bucket list.

Grazie ciao,

L x


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