Excuses with a dash of beauty (blending)

So firstly, I just want to say sorry for being a useless blogger in the last two weeks! I started off so well, and then I just became busy and I lacked the ideas to make myself sit down and write something entertaining.

I hope I can be forgiven, because between all the interviews and travelling, it’s actually my 21st birthday on Thursday, and I graduate the day after. Busy weekend following to say the least!

However, there was one little thing that I had an idea about. Now I’m not a beauty blogger (there’s too many amazing blogs out there to compete with), but people keep asking me about something in my makeup bag that I’ve recently started using…

The silicone beauty blender

Now, I may be behind on makeup, but I only heard about the silicone versions within the last 12 months. And that was mainly due to Kady McDermott’s beauty range, ‘By Kady’. (For those of you who don’t know, she was a finalist on last year’s Love Island).

I have to say, I didn’t purchase the ‘By Kady’ blender, purely because I was skeptical as to how good the silicone blender would be. But, I really love mine, so I might be more inclined to spend more money on it now, providing I thought the extra money would be beneficial.

Here are pictures of mine for those of you who maybe don’t know exactly what it’s like, or want to see the size/shape that I’ve got.

So as you can see, it’s pretty small. Mines the standard tear shape, but you can get them in all shapes in order to do different things (some are better for blending and working on smaller spaces, like the eyes and nose area… so I’ve heard).

When I saw it advertised, it said that it would waste less foundation, as it doesn’t absorb it the same as a sponge or a brush. This, I would say, is true. I do seem to have gone through less makeup since, plus you don’t get any patchy marks or stray hairs if your brush is getting old.

It’s also more hygienic. I’ve had this one for 6 months now, and the makeup washes straight off with water and soap, meaning no nasty bacteria can grow into it like sponges and brushes.

You don’t even have to change your technique, you literally wipe the same way as with a normal applicator, but then pat to blend it in (sounds ridiculous but it works). However, I do still use my brush to roughly go over my foundation once it’s all on, but it’s more out of habit than necessity.

I got inspo for this post because the girls I lived with, my friends and my sister have all asked me about it, and if I think it’s a worthwhile investment. I would say yes, especially because mine cost me £7 from Amazon (thank you, Amazon Prime!!).

There’s probably better versions/brands ones out there if you’re willing to spend the money. But I’d say it’s worth trying it, simply for the cleaner, more economical choice.

I will try and keep posting, because in the last week I’ve gained quite a few followers and 100% grateful to you guys!

Thanks and bye for now,

L x



The impact of social media, and my interview

The other day, I saw a blog post from a girl discussing how social media influences how she perceives herself, and how sometimes it really knocks her confidence. By far, I think this is something that the majority of my generation deal with daily. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling defined by the amount of likes you get on a post, and far too easy to compare yourself to others. I touched on this in my last post (see here: Introduction), but it really does make you feel worse when all you see are other people posting about their successes. You just have to try and remind yourself that it is all a false show, of course people aren’t going to post negative things about themselves for everyone to see… why would you?

Well this is where this blog is going to differ. I want to be brutally honest about things, in the hope that people actually feel they can identify with something, rather than just feel put down by it.

So, onto my interview. This was the second interview I’ve had since starting to apply for jobs a few weeks ago. It was a for a really good opportunity, loads of things to learn, a good salary, exciting tasks. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be.

For a start, the weather in London has been nothing but suffocating in the last week. The flat I was staying in, and soon to be moving into permanently, resembles an oven. You may as well have been on holiday in a tropical location, but without the sea, sand or aircon. Needless to say, getting ready in itself was a task.

I then got the tube into the city centre, obviously by this point, sweating to death. (I’ve since seen that the tube line I used was measured at 35 degrees). Not only was the weather making it an unbearable journey, but the location of my interview was having renovation works, and was basically a construction site. This meant the signs didn’t work, my maps on my phone didn’t understand why I couldn’t use the route it was telling me to, and I was at the end of the tether… before I’d even arrived .

I went into a cafe, asked for directions, decided to have lunch and cool down. In the mean time, I also messaged about four of my friends saying I didn’t even want to go to the interview anymore. Positive outlook all round.

Lucky I’d left myself loads of free time, as taking a break seemed to work in my favour. As soon as I set off, I pretty much found where I needed to be. Quick change of shoes (who can walk for a prolonged period in heels??) and I was let into the building.

The first part of the interview was a sort of task on the computer, slightly confusing but managed in the time given. I was cooled down and feeling much more positive for the second part of my interview.

And then I was sabotaged by the construction works and weather… again. Due to the works, my interview had been moved to a different building… 10 minutes away from the one I was in. Needless to say, after being taken on a brisk 10 minute walk through the 30 degree heat, in a pair of heels , I was sweating and flustered. Right in time to meet the board of people interviewing me. Joy.

Now the interview didn’t go terribly. But I’d been so off-put by my journey in, that the best answers just didn’t come to me, and I felt my memory going blank on a few of the questions. They were all really nice, and the lovely man at the end told me that he thought I’d done really well. I wasn’t convinced.

Of course, the news the next day was that I hadn’t been successful. Not a shock I suppose, but still not what you want to hear after going through all the effort of applying.

So, for all those people out there applying for University/jobs/other roles, and not being successful, you are not alone. (As much as it may feel like it when you look at your social media and see everyone succeeding in everything they do.)

Apologies for the long post, I hope it made at least a few people laugh or feel better about themselves. As for me, I’m currently trying to get my motivation back to apply for more jobs (hopefully with more success).

L x